Latest news about Miike Snow

The Swedish group Miike Snow, formed in 2007, has proved time and again that they are quite capable. Whether producing or writing they have brought us electropop that is hard to forget. The fact that they have cooperated with some of the latest names in music – Britney, Kylie, Madonna and Mark Ronson to name but a few – is proof that they are the real deal. The trio is comprised of Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg and Andrew Wyatt. Christian and Pontus grew up together playing in bands in the city of Gothernburg. In fact, Christian’s major debut was with the Swedish group Goldmine, and he later went on to tour with the Fugees. Christian and Pontus went on to form their own group, Bloodshy & Avant. One of their most notable achievements is a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording with Britney Spears for the hit “Toxic”. They met with Andrew Wyatt after they were introduced by a mutual friend and they haven’t looked back since.

So what are they up to now? Their last tour was in 2016, which they called their iii world tour. Tickets went on sale on 6th of May with presale tickets available for newsletter subscribers. They toured and performed in Omaha, Nebraska, Madison, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Aspen, Salt Lake, Eugene, Boise, Calgary and then crossed the border into Edmonton and Vancouver. So good were their shows that fans followed them from city to city.

Since their last tour they haven’t announce dates for any upcoming events but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been working hard. Their latest album, iii, is available to download or stream. It was recorded in 9 cities across the Unites States as well as on tours in Thailand and Sweden, coinciding roughly with their time in the United States and Canada. You can get it on iTunes:, Spotify:, Amazon: or preorder a picture disk on It includes titles like My Trigger, The Heart of Me, Genghis Khan, Heart is Full, For U which features Charli XCX, I Feel the Weight, Back of the Car, Lonely Life, Over and Over, Long Shot and Heart is Full featuring Run the Jewels.

As for what Miike Snow plans to do in 2018 and beyond, fans are advised to keep an ear out – they are keeping mum about future tours. You can get updates on any upcoming events on their website,